Cold Water Cold Air Kayaking

Numerous people who go out kayaking w Pathways ask the same type of questions about kayaking in the cold. Justifiable. Asking questions best way to stay safe. Cold water and cold air exposure impacts one enjoyment of kayaking. A few years back attended a 3 day US Army conference on Preventing Foot Injuries Specific to Wearing Socks. Details to specific body areas key to safety. Hat, gloves, bodies, torso, legs, etc… It is not the intent of these cold water immersion infographics to go to that level. Providing “beta” from US Army Cold Weather Laboratory on Exposure to Cold Water and Cold Air for helicopter pilots. A few “pearls”. These are general suggestions as impact from cold water and cold air differs from person to person. However gloves/pogies are crux for ones safety when exposed to cold water/air when kayaking. Take home lesson: Wear gloves when kayaking in cold water and air. Cold being defined as any degree of air or water temperature that makes one uncomfortable. There are numerous references and material on exact temperature differences and such. Attention to detail when cold water and cold air kayaking “CRUX” to safe and enjoyable cold water/cold air kayaking.

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