Tinkering Under The Paddle

Yesterday a day of angst and relief.  I done left my kayak paddle behind about 4 days ago out in Vincentown.  2 x 4 to my brain.   Brian was most helpful pointing out indeed how can you lose a paddle that normally sits 99% of time in your truck?  Good question.   Super chilled and relaxing would be the argument from my end….So off we go to Vincentown, there by the side of the road on the dam me paddle.

Note to self:  When done kayaking make sure you do a check of all gear before driving off.  Make sure you inventory all gear.  Make sure you think before acting.  Make sure Brian is around to poke you something silly for losing ones paddle.

All’s well that ends well.

Meanwhile in this lovely 60 degree weather, plugging away at the evolution of the Water Trail web site.  Zap back any “BETA” you think should or should not be included.

Paddle Down

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