Evolution of Web Site

Getting close to anchoring the new and improved, dynamic, vibrant Rancocas Creek Water Trail web site.  Want to thank everyone for thier patience.

Ah so its now April.  Paddling season is upon the Creek.   Numerous sections of the Creek have blow-downs and tree’s fallne across the Creek.   Melpine itself sustained some signifiant damage from recent winter storms.

Plenty of work for volunteers.   Follow the blog for posted clean up Melpine and other sites along the Creek.  It will take some time and effort.

No videos this evening, no yaking shots, no kayak rolls….

Come 21 June the Summer Solstice will be doing a 24 hours photo/drone montage of the Rancocas Creek Watershed.   All volunteers.   Names of participants to be added to final 1-2 minute video.  Video to be presented to the NWT program and others.

Zap back any questions.    Video runs from the Pines to to the Tides.

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