Intimacy – Seeking Out a Water Trail

There is an urgency to understand the Rancocas Creek while its future remains a question.  What would the Rancocas be like if its future remains hidden in plain sight?  The Rancocas Creek appreciates distance, tides, open space, “big-sky”,  enhanced public access, multi-use, heritage, Pine Barrens, non-tidal waters and community’s.  400 years past written patterns and trends speak of  the Rancocas Creek and its landscapes.  Prior to this animals and Indians perpetual movements (amended respectfully to M. Brown) created trails and song-lines. Traversing West Jersey, from the Pines to the Tide the Rancocas is a cultivated multi-use resource of water quality, stories, commerce and access.

Not only as a repository of migratory wildlife man harbors and seek to go further searching answers to questions of what is beyond the Rancocas Creek in 2018?

Ability to move translates to increasing the odds of achievement.  We see, we feel, we touch, we paddle, we visit, we relax, we sojourn in peace on the Rancocas.  Our collective and collaborative familiarity is the connection to the Creek, individuals, groups and community.    We are guided along the Rancocas by the whispers of Buddhist monks who run 1,000 marathons in 1,000 days, by Indians who traveled the Rancocas Creek “backbone” and by those “crossing the ford” between people, the land and the Creek.

Meaghan Brown writes  we create and seek trails for movement along trails is the best way to learn, to know, to feel and to immerse ones self in (sic) Rancocas Creek landscapes. For knowing the Rancocas, falling in love w the Rancocas for a multitude of reasons and concerns intensifies our desires to enhance public access to the Rancocas for the future.

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