Duck Identification

As its getting into winter time the wildlife population along the BWT changes.  Expect different ducks.   Safety note ducks are legally hunted on the tidewaters of the Rancocas.  This booklet from the FWS is exemplary in identifying wild ducks when one is out paddling or along the BWT.

Ducks at a Distance

The BWT is smack, dab in the middle of a migratory pathway.  It is a rich harbor of diversity.   Ducks thrive along the creek and marshes.   Take the time to learn how to identify them with or without binoculars.

Conservation is a central theme along the BWT.  Id ducks is the anchor.   Check out a few different things r/t wild ducks like the Migratory Duck Stamp program or Jay “Ding” Darling cartoons on conservation.

Paddle down w the ducks.

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