DefrAIn Sand Mines

Defrain Sand Mines are found along RCM 24.3. Remains of the 1890’s barges, tugs and scows surface at a low tide. RP is splicing together old newspapers articles, fb postings, discussions and local archives to re-construct the extractive maritime commerce of the Rancocas Creek. Hainesport, South Branch; Defrain on the Main Stem to Delaware River Port of Philadelphia piers and landings.

This is an evolving geo-spatial community focused effort to promote public access and enhance water quality. The wealth of old submerged timbers and flanking natural tidal marsh buffers, in place 300-400 yards running to protected creek banks of the Burlington County Greenway that flanks the Rancocas. Co-junction of the Rancocas Creek and the Delaware River is the catalyst for a unique environmental resource and heritage inventory of the Rancocas Creek and the maritime community of the Delaware River estuary, proper.

Part 1 of 5 completed parts focus is the Defrain Sand Mines, RCM 24.3

The ERHI is part and process of the National Water Trail, Rancocas Creek nomination package. ERHI anchors program forums and outreach discussions that focus on the relationships for public access and promotes multi-use water quality along West Jersey’s largest tributary to the Delaware River, whose maritime heritage goes back 400 years and before that 6,000-8,000 years back when native Americans traversed that which is the fabric of the Rancocas Creek watershed.

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