Winter ecology

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the natural world simply vanishes out of sight. While many critters hibernate, other ecological systems truly thrive in the cold. Below-ice organisms serve as a marker of sorts for the health of a watershed while other indicators of a vibrant, winter ecology abound. “Ice is vice” is a tongue-in-cheek expression, Yet, the impact of ice on the natural habitats found along the Rancocas are far from one-dimensional. To the contrary, these subtle but dynamic influences merit our attention and appreciation.

Some time-tested advice is “get out there” and embrace the winter season. Start discovering some of the little critter tracks in the snow. Enjoy taking in the slow-motion ballet of creek-ice formation.

Relish winter wildlife in all its glory.

And after some wandering about through nature’s resplendent classroom, head into one of the creekside communities, like historic Mt. Holly Village, for a savory meal, a belly-warming cup of Joe, or glass or two of “attitude-adjustment.” Who knows, you may discover what we have over at Rancocas Pathways, “a natural treasure hidden in plain sight.”

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