Ice is Vice

Rancocas Creek Water Trail – Creek Mile 14 found at Mt. Holly Village’s Ironworks Park–where the mill dam “rips”. Please paddle safely, as tidal ice is starting to form. Yes, you will likely get a bit cold while undertaking some winter observations of the water trails natural wonders. Ice surely offers a remarkable environment. Very chill is one way to put it. Videography introduces people to the Rancocas Creek Water Trail with its head of tide and westerly outflow from the famed NJ Pine Barrens. “Ice is vice” offers the early phases in the evolution of ice formation on the Rancocas. Still photos and video help capture the beauty of foamed crystals (a natural science in itself) consolidating as bubbles and the as circular, flat pans of slush. Hoping to post the entire cycle from freeze-up to the Mid-winter thaw. Feel free to zap along any questions you may have on this subject. And, yeah, it’s always a fine time to get out there paddling, so long as the “creek -ice don’t rise’ (too much ;)!

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