Winter Ecology Wind sock ice chimes

Winter Ecology

Make Ones Own “Windsock Ice Chimes”.

Was out and about the creek today. High tide wind blowing nice. Cold,clear, winter wind. Ice still has yet to form up. Listening to the tidal ice twinkle and chime away in the wind.

Kids Activity – Make Ones Own Ice Chimes. Obtain ice sheets, irregular shaped or not. Keep sheets about the size of one adult palm. Use one’s on hand to size up. One can obtain these sheets just by walking through a park. Poke a hole though one area of the sheet that has been gathered. A few different ways that must done by an adult. One can of course involve kids of all ages w this. Heat up the tip of the metal nail or drill a hole in the ice sheet. Tie a small ribbon, heavy duty fishing line, shoelaces or such from one ice sheet to a coat hanger or wooden dowel. Allow the ice sheets to hang down. The will whisper and sing in different tones as they hang. When they get warm they will melt. If you can get really thin sheets the sounds are sweeter.

One can make ones own ice sheets in a freezer (though that is not natural ice). Take a dinner plate Fill w water. Put in freezer. When frozen solid pull out. Drill holes, tie together. Ideally when the sheets are hanging down they touch and move about which is where noises arises.

How scientific can it get ? very….frequency and resonance of light, noise, wind,

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