Radio Control Model Boats

About 2 weeks back started mucking around w remote control model/scale boats in and around the North Branch tidal oxbow channel in Mt. Holly. A group of folks are scoping out the impacts: noise, speed, risks, as a tool for involving kids in the Creek (promoting water quality), as possible resource to go back into tidal backwaters w a camera and much more. They are also fun and help w enhanced public access up around Mill Dam. Trash and debris is pointed out to kids and how that mucks w the creek.

Found this online resource for Radio Control (RC) Scale Model Boats. Check it out. Now there are areas where a RC boat is not warranted in and about Natural Areas, Pine Barrens and such. All ways respect MULTI-USE. Do not bother other people w RC boats and such. Do not run them up where folks are fishing. During spawning behavior of migratory fishes and such. Operate all RC boats w proper attention to detail and safety. Details on the scoping process will be posted.

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