Hidden in Plain View

Paddle on down. Springtime paddling on North Branch with its Cormorants and Red-Bellied Turtles out and about. Kayaking into the sunshine while blanketed by warm, westerly breezes. Chat-up some old souls along the Rancocas, as it flows steadily westward into the historic Delaware.

Cormorants and Turtles Support Local Commerce – Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail

Cormorants perch along old ruins where one may encounter up to a dozen or more diving, splashing, and feeding on the Creek’s rich population of migratory alewives and herring. These birds are skittish but ever-present during the spring-summer season.

Hike down to Melpine Landing and wander along the broad, handsome lawns running right down into the Creek’s amber-tinted waters. Take in a little “kayak drift” under sultry skies. Chill in a kayak while enjoying the flowing tide, as it eases down this emerald-blue ribbon streaming through the heart of Burlington County. Imagine, more than 1,200 luscious acres of tidal marsh and woodland forests filled with nature’s little creatures scrambling about after their daily bread. So much to behold, so much to admire, so much to respect, and so much to safeguard.

Well-timbered and twice daily tidal-washed shorelines of the Rancocas State Park Bluetrail hold a rich heritage of sand mines serviced by shallow-draft barges. For nearly 400 years the Rancocas served as a vital commercial artery of the Delaware River Valley supporting the ports of Philadelphia and Camden. Rancocas Creek has a remarkable heritage uniquely blending the tranquil beauty of natural sanctuary with the subtle echo of once-bustling commercial traffic up and down this historic waterway.

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