Spring Paddling Map N Branch

Spring Paddling Map-N Branch.

West of Mt. Holly and Rt. 541 Bypass. Paddle access on high tides is best. Low tide access dang near impossible and not suggested. Names used to mark general locations are taken from the Rancocas Creek N Branch Charles Stokes Survey Engraved Map for 1680-1690.

Fenimore gained title of general area of the North Branch in 1683. Fenimore’s Elbow is where the Creek is actively “walking”. Channels open along both North and South creek banks. Fenimore’s Knuckle area at low tide requires paddling in very tight area between blow downs. VanSciver Abyss is the pond found within Fenimore’s Marsh. Main current carries paddlers through “Cripp’s” (purchased land on the N Branch in 1694) Wetlands.

Fair warning best to paddle on a High Tide. By Late summer these areas are not accessible due to foliage. Best time to paddle backwaters are Spring and Fall.

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