CentreTon Concrete Ship

1940 Centreton, NJ, along the Rancocas Creek (main stem). Visible is the old sea-scout base’s concrete ship and others sites from the area. Sitting along the creek under the cool shade of a lovely, sliver/swamp maple, I heard a first-hand account from an old-timer of days spent swimming with cork-filled life jackets, hanging out flags, tieing marine knots, and making the sojourn into the Philly markets by way of the Rancocas and Delaware River. Old-timer spoke of his early years watching tugs ply the creek’s tidal waters with deep-throated whistles warning of their headway, and of the hand-cranking of the original Centreton Bridge draw span. Learned of mothers working at Centreton Fireworks Factory and of sleepy days spent fishing with cane poles at the “Texas Works” pond. There was also the manure barges unloading at Cox’s Landing and of produce shipping out by barge all along the creek. Very chill to get such a from-the-horse’s-mouth account of the creek’s rich heritage on National Maritime Day. Very cool, indeed!

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