N Branch Paddlers Alert

HEADS UP PADDLE ALERT: Someone with less brains than intelligence painted huge orange arrows along the N. Branch around Franklin’s Bend, Cripp’s Wetland, Fenimore’s Knuckle and Fenimore’s Elbow (see: map). This is unsightly graffiti.

Getting through that area of the N Branch is tricky enough without sloppy, half-baked attempts at marking the water trail.

N. Branch of the Creek in this area is “walking” or what is the natural evolution of a tidal creek. The channel constantly changes– sometimes in a few days and surely every year through storm season, floods, ice and more. There is a deep hole in the creek where the arrow is painted. Your kayak can get easily pinned in this area if you get caught on the tide.

The bright orange paint is unsightly and scars the view-shed. It is clearly unhelpful. Whoever did this has risked paddler safety. When the creek channel changes, do we expect voluntary removal of the painted arrows? Furthermore, in covering bark lichen another biological injury results.

There is ample opportunity to get involved constructively with the Rancocas Creek Water Trail. Drop us at Rancocas Pathways a note or text for feedback on where you might get involved. Follow our social media platforms where activities are posted. Folks are encouraged to collaboratively support preservation and recreational use of the Creek. As friend of the Rancocas like to say: It is a precious gem hidden in plain sight!

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