Hear An Owl Call Your Name

When paddling stay alert for sounds on the Creek. Jet skis or motor boats often miss subtle sounds. Get too close to a hawk or raptor and they will let you know, stay away! At dusk, listen closely and you’ll hear the owl boldly hoot your name.

Barred Owl a Hootin’

Out and about paddling, hear the wind rustling, wild rice whispering, tide a-fluttering; listen for the soft, tapping paddles streaming through amber waters, as vibrant sun rays illuminate tree-lined shadows.

A tug boat horn is heard on a full moon ghosting along, reminding folks of heritage so deep

3 PM bend an ear for the lingering echo of the old Hainesport freight train’s warning horn s it wafts across the Rancocas Valley.

Train Horn

Red Tail Hawks warnings resounding around the Rancocas. For Whom the Bell Tolls, “it tolls for thee.”

Red tail Hawk

Your heart beats a steady rhythm as dusk turns to darkness. And Ruskala, the magical water nymph, dances through the tidal glades.

Heart Beat

Rip Van Winkle’s mischief can be discovered south of Highland Glenns and Clefts along the ‘Wishbone’ of these tidal waters. Look, listen and feel the wet, wild and wonderful, amber-tinted waters of the Rancocas–somehow hidden in plain sight.


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