Scouting Report from Barnegat Bay

Field Notes following yesterday’s scouting trip along Parker’s Cove in the salt marshes of Barnegat Bay. The further you get into the marsh the more alive/vibrant it becomes. Mornings the Bay can be relatively calm. By afternoon, however, winds often begin to blow with waves following in trace. Paddling conditions become robust and potentially dangerous without precaution. Always “paddle safely!” Know the art of dead-reckoning, as practice makes perfect. When paddling in the marsh, always bring a map so as not to become dependent on GPS. Sometimes technology fails. Old-fashion skill and human know-how promotes resilience. Always wear a PFD. Budget sufficient time for your route, to include a buffer for unexpected contingencies. Avoid paddling alone whenever possible. Please zap along any comments/questions. We’ll happily respond. Paddles up, but only temporarily!

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