Rancocas Creek Water Trail Sign On Letter

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Please see the attached sign-on letter. The letter supports the nomination of Rancocas Creek to become a National Water Trail. This is an effort that is being spearheaded by John Anderson of Rancocas Pathways and it appears that Congressman Andy Kim is the likely champion on this issue. If you are interested in signing on or have any questions please John at ingvarja@verizon.net. Thank you!   (note u may have to cut and paste John Anderson email to send a message along)

Rebecca Hilbert NJLCV Policy Assistant Rebecca.hilbert@njlcv.org Office: 609.331.9922  |  Cell: 856-425-8467 PO Box 1237  Trenton, NJ 08607  |  707 State Road, Suite 223  Princeton, NJ 08540


Rancocas Creek Water Trail Sign On Letter. Send your copy to Rebecca Hilbert, NJLCV Policy Assistant

Copy of the Rancocas Creek Water Trail Sign On Letter

Rancocas Creek Tidal Wishbone Online Map (Phase One) Activity, Heritage Way Points, Exemplary Natural Areas, Complimentary Free Public Access Points.

Follow this link to the Rancocas Creek Water Trail “Crib” Notes. A sense of place, where is the Rancocas Creek found in the Delaware River Watershed? Rancocas Creek Watershed history? water trail communities along the Tidal Wishbone? Conservation matrix? and much, much more.

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