Plight of the Platypus and Sign The Rancocas Creek Water Trail Petition Today

You might ask yourself what ever does the platypus and the Rancocas Creek Water Trail have in common? Well lots. Endangered species under threat of urbanization, balkanization of habitats and water resources are some key areas. Ultimately though what they have in common ground is: interest. People taking the time from the crazy, fast paced hectic world we live in too take a few minutes in getting involved. Oh sure you can’t fly to Aussie Down Under but you can explore the plight of the platypus online. Conservation of platypus habitats is crux to species sustainable survival likewise enhanced public access that in turn promotes water quality. Check out the link to the Plight of the Platypus article.

Here on NJ’s Rancocas Watershed and along NJ’s Rancocas Creek (tidal and non-tidal segments) one can also explore the natural world. Hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing, walking, riding a bike, driving along the Creek, visiting sites of interest, exploring the Creek’s exemplary heritage, supporting local business as local as local can be and much more. Enhanced awareness is the very first step in conservation. Check out in person the Rancocas Creek or online:

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  1. Why is Riverside selling lots in the preservation land on Harrison Street along the creek? YOU CANT BUILD THERE…

    1. good question, i have no idea. will look into it and zap you back. any addtional info you can supply would be great

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