Battle of Gettysburg US Army Staff Ride

The Battle that lead to the Gettysburg Address.

The U.S. Army Center of Military History develops and leads staff rides for U.S. Army groups (with priority going to the HQDA staff). We also support other official government agencies and departments including the Department of Defense, U.S. Congress, Air Force, Navy, and Marines, as well as official international visitors and guests of the United States government.matthew houseMatthew House – Bull Run

Staff rides represent a unique and persuasive method of conveying the lessons of the past to the present-day Army leadership for current application. Properly conducted, these exercises bring to life, on the very terrain where historic encounters took place, examples, applicable today as in the past, of leadership, tactics and strategy, communications, use of terrain, and, above all, the psychology of men in battle. This historical study, particularly with personal reconnaissance, offers valuable opportunities to develop professional leadership and the capacity for effective use of combined arms on the air-land battlefield.

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