Rancocas Creek Turtles Comment on Kayaking in the Fall and Winter

Rancocas Creek Turtles agree, its Monday morning. Stay alert if out and about. Objective hazards (paddle environment) such as low air temps combed into low water temps (low 60’s upper 50’s) w a wind blowing makes ideal conditions for hypothermia and cold water shock. Subjective factors are those controlled by the paddler. Paddlers reduce subjective factors through knowledge, skills and judgement. Add to ones knowledge by asking “what if questions before, during and after kayaking”; Skills hinge on the commitment by folks kayaking to study, learn and practice better and embrace different ways and methods for kayaking; Judgement hinges on your own honesty about kayaking skills and being outdoors, it is poor judgement to let desire for your kayaking trip overide an accurate assessment of risk. Acclimatization is the first step to Fall and Winter kayaking. Paddle Safe. Paddle Prepared. Paddle s don’t count until your back home. Follow basic and fundamental kayaking safety principles. Leave a float plan, don’t paddle alone, have proper gear for conditions, know the waters your kayaking. Check out the American Canoe Association safety tipos for kayaking. http://www.rcnwt.com

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