Spring 2022 Operating Hours

Spring Hours (March 01, 2022 – June 1st, 2022)

Weekends – Sunrise to Sunset.

Weekday Morning Launches at 8AM.

All Other Times by Appointment.

Reservations w Deposit Required.

Text or call 609-456-9344.

Suggestions for rentals: Discover Mt. Holly. Kayak around a National Historic District. Explore heritage w a 90 minute paddle around a natural greenway encompassing parks, reuse of the 1941 flood channel, paddle on amber flowing waters w unique snapshots of nature, natural history and heritage. Stop in afterwards at Vincents Ice Cream or have coffee before you paddle in Mill Race Village. Enjoy a meal creek side at the Robins Nest, Cold brew at Village Idiot or Spellbound brewing. Land and launch from Mt. Holly.

Mt. Holly to Timbuctoo – Tincture of time. Paddle down to Timbuctoo, let the tides carry you back to Mt. Holly. Experience kayaking on waters that were used as part of the Underground Railroad. Exemplary wildlife is found among the backwaters of the Rancocas Creek N Branch, Keep an Eye pealed for Indigo Buntings, Wood Duck, Mergansers, Owls, Hawks and More.

Mt. Holly to Melpine Landing – Vanish from the hustle and bustle as you escape onto the heart of NJ’s Rancocas State Park and State Natural Area. Paddle by Horse Head Point, down out yonder, Catch the westerly setting sun. About 2 hours w the tide.

Mt. Holly to Hainesport About 3 hours of kayaking. From Mt. Holly into the open expansive vistas of the State Park Tidal Marshes and down into the Forks of the Rancocas. Here nature soothes the soul. NJ Turnpike vanishes as you round the bend and kayak up into Hainesport. Stay alert for eagles, hawks, listen quiet for the sound of the rail birds and herons. Examine closely remains of the Rancocas Creek Watershed sand mines of the late 1800’s. A county bathroom is found creekside at the Hainesport Launch.

Mt. Holly to Lumberton – 6- 8 hours of paddling. Do de Rancocas Creek “Wishbone”. This segment of the Rancocas Creek is recognized as the first piece of the Rancocas Creek nomination as National Water Trail. Expansive view-sheds, wonderful breezes, sparkling sunshine awaits a top-notch kayaking experience.

Oldie but Goodie. North Branch from Smithville to Mt. Holly. Placid pine barren waters present an super chill relaxing leisurely paddle by Creek front bungalows and cottages, flanked by marl banks and tranquility

Upstream in the Pines

Upstream in the Pines. Anyone of various areas of the Rancocas Creek Pine Barrens branches. Each one holding special surprises for kayakers. Check out the old grist mill in Pemberton (North Branch) and Medford (South Branch); kayak through narrow amber waters; Discover what has made the Rancocas Creek the Mid-Atlantic Destination for canoeists and kayakers since the 1890’s. Heritage and natural history fuse healthy physical activity. Stay alert for blow-downs, be prepared for possible portages around wild, wet and wooly segments of NJ’s Rancocas Creek.

White’s Bog, 3,000 acres of pristine waters for kayaking. Do not disturb agriculture. Step on into the Village Store. Chocolate cranberry, blue berry and ice cold birch beer surmounts kayaking. Either way open water kayaking is the best at Whites Bog. Get up close to NJ’s wonderful Pine Barrens National Reserve.

Delanco Mouth of Rancocas Creek. Check out Open Tide Water Paddling. Unique views of Philadelphia and the Delaware River Maritime Community.

Check out kayak tours around Burlington Island, on the Delaware River, Down along the Jersey Shore, North Jersey Glaciated Lakes, Delmarva and Other Locations in the Mid-Atlantic. Contact Pathways for Maine kayaking adventures.

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