Rancocas Q-Net SBIR application

Application submitted to the Dept. of Energy Small Business Innovative Research Award Program (SBIR) to commercialize the design of a dense packed communication systems.

These protocols among other areas allows quadriplegics and veterans to connect to others reducing issues of social isolation. The tool has applications to help allocate renewable energy supplies for at risk populations.

As for other market applications this tool promotes renewable energy technology as a career. Other methodology’s being researched are for various market areas that can incorporate ultra-dense integrated sensing and communication protocols fusion to renewable energy digital twin ecosystems of a Rancocas Q-Net quantum network.

This helps w environmental and natural resource protections. The application is under review by the NJ Dept of Economic Authority. Tip of hats to folks and elected individuals who are helping the project advancement. For further information contact: ingvarja@verizon.net

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