Action Alert, Save the TohickOn

Priority Action Alert — From Email

Greetings CDRW Coalition Members,
I am sharing this information from Delaware River Greenway Partnership:

Tohickon Creek is one three Pennsylvania tributaries designated along with segments of the Lower Delaware mainstem as a component of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System in 2000. Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic River Steering Committee Liaison Jamie Fosburgh, Acting Chief, Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers for the National Park Service (NPS), filed public comments in response to the PADEP proposed downgrade of the Tohickon Creek in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania (attached).

The Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic River Management Council encourages Coalition members to file comments on the proposal before the July 11th deadline. The Tohickon runs through Ralph Stover State Park and is a named tributary within the Wild and Scenic River federal designation for the Lower Delaware River.

Help stop a downgrade of PA’s Tohickon Creek. Submit comments at

Questions? Contact: Maryann Carroll, Executive Director, Delaware River Greenway Partnership (DRGP),

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