Fish Hook and kayaking

W increasing use along the creek one is liable to cross paths w folks fishing. be respectful, give em a wide berth. if they wanna chat they will let you know. it is quite possible you might when out on the creek get hooked by a fishing lure. (there is one down on the picnic table at melpine, first come, first serve) w resulting issues. one has a few options if hooked. 1st and foremost if your out and about paddling its common sense to make sure your tetanus shot is up to date.

A single hook is fairly, “easy”, depending on location of hook to remove. Some ways are listed from Bowman’s Emergency Care. If hook is set deep in skin and or around say a face, eye, mouth or some other vital area of one’s body seek professional help in removing. Go to the local 24 emergency clinic or and ER and let medical folks remove and follow suggestions on follow-up

Once hook removed keep site very clean w soap and water and or follow any antibiotics that you might be prescribed.

A treble hook, beast of a different color. See photo, nasty 3 hooks more often then not sink themselves in flesh. A different non-medical old school Jersey Shore Salt Water Fishing and tidal Rancocas Creek option is for the folks with you to use you as bait. Make sure the treble hook is set fast, then haul you into the Creek proper. They can come back in a few days and see if crabs are biting. This though is an extreme measure. Widely used in down east Maine and in the back marsh coves and off shore fishing hotspots so its claimed. When around folks fishing stay clear when they are casting.

Treble hook’s are nasty to remove. Best option, either immobilize the site that is hooked and then go to an Emergency Clinic or Emergency Room. The trebles twist and easily catch other areas of skin. Wire cutters and such may work…removing by the push down/string method highly unlikely. The other trebles get in the way and embed deeper and dig into flesh.

Back in the day an option was push hook all the way through. Modern fish hooks do not favor such forceful ways of removal. However each fish hook stick is a different situation. If it dosen’t come out easy seek emergency care.

Once hook is removed the greatest risk is infection. Keep would clean using soap and water, follow instructions provided by Emergency personal.

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